Panorama Pictures

These pages contain nothing merely technical. Here you can find a small collection of some of my panorama pictures. I will add pictures as soon I have them finished.

Most of them were taken with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX3 (very good compact camera, but unfortunately without manual exposure) and with my Canon 450D and then created with fulla and hugin <> (both VERY VERY good programs, thanks to everyone working there).

The pictures are mostly only cut, hardly edited in any way. Not because I am lazy but because firstly my camera only has automatic exposure, so I would have to edit each file before stitching to get the same level of brightness (which I think is impossible) and secondly because I think the resulting pictures shouldn't look that 'perfect' and unnatural.

A bug I discovered:
I think autopano has a huge problem with directory names that contain german Umlaute. If one of the parent directories of the files you want to create control points for contains Umlaute autopano cannot load these files (might have been fixed in the meantime).

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