2005-05-11: I wrote an e-mail to Dialogue's support (support@dialogue) asking for help with this issue. Let's wait and see what answer I will receive.
2005-05-24: no reply yet...
2005-06-06: I sent the same mail to contact@dialogue. This mailbox obviously is checked by someone. I received an answer the next day that the touch panel driver does not support Linux.
So either there's no chance or: happy hacking!

Good News: Obviously Dialogue were wrong...

There is a new driver originally written by Heikki Linnakangas. You can download it from Elmar Hanlhofer managed to find out the init-string of the touchscreen and included it into the kernel-module.
He also wrote a program to initialize the touchscreen from the shell. This is necessary eg when resuming from a suspend-to-disk and the touchscreen doesn't respond any more. You can download this program from Elmar's Flybook Page

What to do

Patch the kernel with the latest penmountlpc-YYYYMMDD.diff file from

Run make modules modules_install in the kernel source directory to compile and install the new module.

To have the module loaded automatically at boot-time add it to /etc/modules.

Touchscreen in the X-server

Download the latest version of the evtouch-driver for X from
It is working either with XFree86 or with

Unzip the .gz-file
Copy the driver-module evtouch_drv.o to /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/input/.

Follow the instructions on and in the file README.calibrate in the .gz-archive to calibrate the touchscreen. Probably the values in my XF86Config-4 won't be quite the correct ones for your flybook but you could give it a try.

Replace the values in XF86Config-4 with those from out.txt (this file is created by

In /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 comment the line
#Option "Calibrate" "1"
and fire up your X-server again.

Now you can move the mouse pointer by touching the touchscreen with the stylus.

Clicking works with the most recent version of the penmountlpc-module modified by Christoph Pittracher.

Commenting out the parameters x0/y0-x9/y9 in the file XF86Config-4 makes the touchscreen more accurate. When doing so you need the line
Option "SwapY" "true"

Touchscreen on the text console

Download gpm v1.20.1 from and untar it.
Rename the directory to gpm-1.20.1-orig.

Apply the patch for gpm from

configure, compile and install gpm
./configure; make; make install

Load the necessary modules:
modprobe usbhid
modprobe evdev
modprobe penmountlpc

Run gpm:
gpm -D -m /dev/input/event1 -t evdev -R summa

The device will probably be /dev/input/event1. This can be found out by running cat /dev/input/eventN and touching the screen with the stylus. The names of the devices ('mouse' and touchscreen) depend on the order, in which the modules are loaded at boot time.
Now you can use the touchscreen in the text console. With the -R parameter gpm should act as a repeater for the x-server which should be able to read the data with a modified version of summa_drv.o (untested here, since I don't really need it).